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Safety and Medicine for diver
expert medical advice for underwater injuries

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Sp Services
SP are international suppliers of Medical, First Aid, Ambulance, Paramedic and Emergency Rescue Equipment. FREE colour catalogue available. 24/7 On Call Service
Dive Safety in Southeast Asia
starfish: Dive safety in southeast Asia (Burma and Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore). List of hyperbaric / recompression chambers in the area to treat decompresssion sickness from divng accidents.
Support service provider using web-based learning to teach new divers the classroom-based material required for SCUBA.
Diving Diseases Research Centre Plymouth UK
Diving and Diseases Research Centre (DDRC) - study the effects of pressure and provides hyperbaric chamber oxygen treatment facilities and medical training for divers, technicians, nurses and doctors
Diving Medicals
General Practitioner in Manchester, England, currently also a BSAC Dive Leader offering a scuba diving medicals service for recreational divers
Hyperbaric Medicine Unit - Decompression Sickness
In-depth' guide to the nature, and causes, of decompression illness
Medidive Australia Asthma Snorkel Diving
Panic underwater
Some information from a study about panic among divers, and related issues, by Dr. William Morgan, director of the Sport Psychology Laboratory at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the principal author of the study.
The British Hyperbaric Association
The British Hyperbaric Association website describes activities of the association, giving details of current clinical practice and avenues of research under exploration. An up to date list of member chambers is also published on this site.

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