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The natural beauty of Bali's only national park

National Park West-Bali (Taman Nasional Bali Barat) was founded in 1941 to preserve the rare white Balinese starling (Leucopsar rothschildi) and other indigenous species.

Unfortunately the Balinese tiger has been extinct since the 1930's so for this species the founding of the park came too late.
The park covers 190 sq km of the western tip of Bali and includes 50 sq km of the marine park in the north-west. If you're lucky you might see black monkeys, macaques, squirrels, iguanas, green snakes (some venomous), leaf monkeys, sambar, wild pigs, mouse, pythons and buffaloes in primary forest.

In the marine park you can find mangroves with several fish species and coral reefs in front of the peninsula Prapat Agung and the island Menjangan. Moreover there's a bird reserve on the islands in the bay of Gilimanuk.

It is forbidden to fish or to take away coral near the park's coastline.

The goal of the National Park is the sustainable use of the park. The National Park keeps a close eye on the farmers from the surrounding villages who would like to log one of the many trees in the park.

Other areas around the park such as coconut and eucalyptus plantations were enclosed in the new boundaries of the park in 1984 and these are new developed to become primary forest again.

The long term approach of the park is eco-tourism with emphasis on individual travellers instead of bus loads with tourists. This will increase your change of seeing real wildlife instead of making it a walk in the park.

The park's headquarters are located in Cekik, near Gilimanuk. Here but also in Labuhan Lalang you can get permits for the park. When you pick up your permits the park will also appoint you a guide who will take you on your hikes through the park.

When you feel like sleeping over in the park you have to bring your own sleeping bag, mosquito net, water and food. Don't forget to bring some good hiking shoes and water-proof jackets. Cooking is in the open air on a camp fire.

There are simple cottages around the park where you can spend the night.

Hiking in the national park is really something for nature lovers and for those who love to dive or snorkel Menjangan island is the place to be. In Labuhan Lalang you can find one of the park's post from where you can rent boats to deer island.

The island of Menjangan is home to the Javanese deer but also the white Balinese starling. It is said that only a hundred white Balinese starling still exist in the wild. The rangers do not encourage you to take hikes throughout the park since there are many species of venomous snakes.

When you feel like diving around the island bring your own gear and oxygen bottles. There are several dive operators in Sanur, Kuta, Lovina and Amed that organize diving trips to this beautiful island and its amazing underwater world.

Resource :- Matt Verbaan loves to give you practical travel insights and his experiences of travelling to every corner of the beautiful island Bali.
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