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Palawan - One of the Top Destinations in the Philippines

Everyone has an enchanting experience with their Palawan tours with all the beautiful marine and wild life found in Palawan. Anyone seeking for both water and land adventures will find it when they take a Palawan tour. A Palawan tour is Philippines pride that helps the country's tourism industry flourish.

Palawan is known to be the last ecological frontier of the Philippines. The natural beauty of Palawan is an inviting sight which attracts thousands of visiting tourists annually. Because of the flourishing tourism industry in Palawan, hotels and restaurants are blooming businesses here where Palawan tour packages are available at a reasonable price.

Most Palawan tours include packages inclusive of several activities such as mountain trekking, cliff climbing, diving, kayaking and a tour to the Subterranean Underground River. Palawan Island is rich with ecological attractions where many kinds of fauna and flora are seen. You may choose to start your Palawan tours from the southern or northern part of the Palawan Island.

Northward Palawan tour destination will give you unlimited choices of activities to do. If you crave for wreck diving, then Coron Palawan you should go. Many Japanese shipwrecks during the World War II sunk in this northern coast of Coron Palawan. Many tourist and wreck divers prefer their Palawan tour directed on the northern part of Palawan Island because of the rich and abundant coral and reef life here. The different and colorful marine life is loveable underwater sights and many photographers take advantage of the natural beauty of Palawan's marine life.

Snorkeling activities are an all time favorite among island hoppers. Island hopping is one of the common inclusions for a Palawan tour packages. A trip to Barracuda Island is a thrilling experience where barracuda of about 40 ft long were often sighted. Snorkeling above shallow water where many reef and corals grow on top of a sunken ship is also a favorite among tourists.

Palawan tour on the southern part of Palawan will show you many ecological sites. Trekking the cliffs and mountain peaks will give you an absolutely stunning view of the beach and the southern coasts of Palawan. The ecological park is considered to be a sanctuary to endangered species such as the Palawan mousedeer, the famous Palawan peacock pheasant and cockatoos. The conservation park is also a good place to visit.

One of the famous scenic spots visited by tourist with their Palawan tour is a ride to a banca through an underground river. The calm river water of the St. Paul Subterranean Underground River is cool and relaxing. Prepare yourself as you begin your banca ride into the underground river to the breathtaking sights of the stalactites and stalagmites that are formed around the cave. Some of these awesome formations are of religious-like shapes.

Because of the unlimited beautiful places to visit in Palawan, this Island considerably gives the Philippines a pride of recognition to be one of the most visited places by tourists.

Resource :- Peter Garant is writing Philippines travel articles for both his Puerto Princesa site and his Palawan Island tourist guide.
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